Asset Plus Limited

We focus on a Yield Plus Growth investment strategy.

Under Centuria’s management, Asset Plus focuses on a Yield Plus Growth investment strategy, targeting long term total returns that are greater than the benchmark return threshold detailed by the NZX Property Sector Index through value add and active management initiatives.

Centuria externally manage Asset Plus, report to the Asset Plus Board and provide shared service functions. Centuria are also the largest shareholder in Asset Plus, with a 19.99% stake in the company ensuring a vested interest in the performance of the company, and alignment of interest between management and shareholders.

Since taking over management of Asset Plus in 2018 (formerly NPT) Centuria are progressing well with implementation of the transition to the value add strategy. All non-core assets have now been divested, or are subject to unconditional sale and purchase agreements with deferred settlements, and a number of material value add opportunities have been secured which will transform the company when successfully executed.

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