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The offer of units in Centuria NZ Value-Add Fund No.2 LP (the Fund) is only being made to persons who are ‘wholesale investors’ within the meaning of clause 3 of schedule 1 of the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013. You should undertake your own independent review, investigation and analysis of the offer and obtain any taxation, legal, financial or other professional advice in relation to the offer as appropriate in your circumstances. The selling agents are not providing personalised advice. Important information about the financial advice service provided by Bayleys Real Estate Limited is available at This communication is not a Product Disclosure Statement, nor will any Product Disclosure Statement be prepared for the offer as it is only made to wholesale investors. The Fund will have a two year term, unless extended by investors in the Fund, within which the Fund will aim to sell the property. Distributions will only be received by investors once the property is successfully sold, following which the net assets realised will be distributed to investors. The Fund’s objective is to return investor’s capital invested plus the target annualised pre-tax return on that invested capital. Returns are not guaranteed. Actual returns may vary. The target annualised pre-tax return is presented on an after fees basis. Financial information to assist investors in understanding how the target annualised pre-tax return is calculated (including the key assumptions upon which it is based), and the risks associated with the investment are set out in the Investment Memorandum.

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