How to invest in office real estate

If you want to share in the benefits of office property investing, there are a couple of different options available to you as an investor:

  • Real estate agents sell whole properties or individual suites, some of which can be cost prohibitive to individual investors.
  • Property fund managers offer the ability to buy a “share” in an asset in the form of an office property fund – this usually has a minimum investment amount.
  • Listed entities where you buy and sell securities/shares in a trust on the NZX.

Buying a direct property as a sole investor obviously would carry more risk due to the high cost of exposure to the individual property.

By investing via an unlisted property fund or in a listed REIT, you are placing your trust in the property fund manager and responsible entity. Property fund managers are regulated by Financial Markets Authority (FMA) and you should always make sure they have longevity and a strong track record.

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