Augusta Industrial Fund Limited

Augusta Industrial Fund Limited is a limited liability company that was established in April 2018 as an open-ended, unlisted property fund. Its purpose is to provide investors with the opportunity to invest in a portfolio of strategically selected industrial assets that provide both tenant and location diversification within this strongly performing sector of the New Zealand property market.

Initially consisting of four properties, the original $75 million share offer was oversubscribed with many investors missing out. Within a short time period, and after a second successful capital raise, the portfolio has grown to 11 assets and a value in excess of $400m*.

A key objective of Augusta Industrial is to deliver a sustainable and stable income return paid to investors monthly, along with the potential for capital growth. Augusta Industrial is proud to increase New Zealanders’ accessibility to a diversified industrial property portfolio in this high performing asset class.

*As at 31 March, 2020

Property Portfolio

The fund has a total of  48 tenants spread across three cities including global and multinational names such as Toll, Repco, Linfox, Fujitsu and Fletcher Steel along with well-known national tenants such as Macpac, Pacific Steel, and Icepak (Hall’s Group). With 98.5% occupancy, Centuria Industrial’s opinion is that both investors’ capital, and income streams, should have a lower risk profile in comparison to the normal fluctuations that single asset investments can be exposed to. Augusta Industrial also targets lower gearing in comparison to single asset structures.

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