Centuria is committed to the development and implementation of environmental and social sustainability practices across its portfolio, while adhering to best practice corporate governance.

Sustainable practices and principles are vital within the communities and markets Centuria operates. We are dedicated to improving the environmental and social outcomes across our operations.

Centuria developed a pragmatic and achievable sustainability framework that guides our investment decisions, asset management and stakeholder relations for the betterment of the communities and markets we operate within. Our new Sustainability Framework aligns our approach to sustainability under three areas of focus.

Sustainability Framework

Centuria’s Sustainability Framework identifies the material topics the Group will focus on to create value for our tenants, investors, employees, suppliers and the communities in which we operate. Centuria’s listed REITs (including NZX:APL), unlisted funds and growing development pipeline are guided by this Framework to develop a practical approach for each topic.

Centuria is committed to being transparent and practical when developing initiatives for each topic under this Framework, acknowledging some parts of the Group will require time to engage our valued stakeholders before initiating change.

Three areas of focus make up Centuria’s Sustainability Framework, they are “Valued Stakeholders”, “Conscious of Climate Change” and “Responsible Business Principles” each with an aligned response to address the material topics identified.


Valued Stakeholders

For Centuria, a valued stakeholder is one we seek to assist in the creation of long-term shared value. We define our stakeholders as our customers (tenants), investors (individual and institutional), suppliers, industry bodies, communities in which we operate and our employees.

We create shared valued with our stakeholders by seeking to understand how Centuria as an asset and funds manager can contribute to their success. We do this through our active engagement programmes, investing in social infrastructure and partnering with chosen community-based organisations.

Priorities under this area of focus are:

  • Customer Focused: Engaging our customers to create mutual shared value
  • Community Focused: Investing in our community with a focus on critical social infrastructure such as healthcare and social housing
  • Diverse, Inclusive and Healthy Workplaces: Promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace, where the health and wellbeing of each individual is priortised.

Conscious of Climate Change

Climate change is increasingly impacting the way we do business and the livelihoods of the communities in which we operate. Increasing severity in weather patterns and the movement of capital towards climate resilient opportunities requires a proactive and positive response.

Centuria is exploring opportunities to reduce greenhouse emissions where possible and starting to understand how our business can become more resilient to the impacts of climate change. Each division of our real estate platform and their respective stakeholders will require a practical and collaborative response. Centuria supports the TCFD recommendations with an aligned disclosure found in our Sustainability Report.

Priorities under this area of focus are:

  • Climate Action: Action to reduce greenhouse emissions, including efforts to improve energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy across our operations where we are able to control and influence outcomes
  • Climate Resilience: Understanding the risk climate change presents to our operations and improving climate resiliency where practical.

Responsible Business Principles

Centuria is committed to honest, transparent, and responsible business practices. We do this by investing in our processes and people, equipping the Group to act responsible and with the best interest of our stakeholders.

Our Values and Capabilities and Corporate Governance approach support the Groups effort under this area of focus.

Priorities under this area of focus are:

  • Values and Capabilities: Upholding our values and providing development opportunities to maximise our capabilities
  • Transparent and Accountable: Maintaining policies and procedures aimed at promoting the highest ethical conduct
  • Responsible Investment: Valuing ESG as part of investment and procurement practices.


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