Commercial Property

Types of Commercial Real Estate

Commercial property can be broadly defined as a property which has a direct commercial use. We can categorise commercial property into four broad groups:


Retail properties are spaces that are used to sell or market consumer goods and services. They include single shops through to large shopping centres or malls.


Office property is space that is used for business purposes and includes large multi-storey office towers through to smaller suburban spaces. Office real estate will include additional facilities for the tenants including end of trip facilities, kitchens, meeting rooms, toilets and desk spaces.


Industrial spaces can be extremely large warehouses that are utilised for manufacturing, storage and logistics purposes. On the other end of the spectrum, industrial properties can be smaller and sometimes have a mixture of warehouse and office space. Tenants typically range from logistics distributors to those producing goods.


Healthcare property generally includes real estate that contains healthcare facilities including hospitals,
day hospitals and medical centres. The healthcare sector is underpinned by growing non-discretionary demand for healthcare services.

How to get started in Commercial Real Estate investment?

There are a few different ways to make a commercial property investment.

Why should I make a commercial property investment?

What can commercial property bring to your investment portfolio?

What makes a good commercial property investment?

Some factors to consider when investing in listed and unlisted property funds.

The Pros and Cons of Commercial Property Investment

You should weigh these up before making any commercial property investment decisions.

Common terms used in commercial property investment

Some standard terms to help you in understanding commercial property investment.

Commercial Property Investment for Beginners

Understand the commercial property market so you can make more informed investment decisions.

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