20 May 2022

6-8 Munroe Lane has officially obtained a 5 Green Star – Design & As Built NZv1.0 Certified Design Review rating

We are pleased to announce that Asset Plus‘ 6-8 Munroe Lane project in Albany, Auckland, managed by Centuria New Zealand, has officially obtained a 5 Green Star – Design & As Built NZv1.0 Certified Design Review rating. The green building rating scheme certifies projects that slash waste to landfill, responsibly sources materials and create spaces that better serve the environment and end user.

Below is a list of Sustainability achievements that the main contractor, Icon, have spearheaded on site to date:

  • All steel waste from the site has been 100% recycled
  • 81.7% of the total construction waste to date has been diverted from landfill. This includes directly recycling 65 tons of steel, 56 tons of timber, 1.5 tons of cardboard and 269 tons of clean hard fill
  • 80% of the sheet piles which equates to 250 tonnes of material have been re-used from gold mine sites from in the South Island
  • All materials excavated from the site have been tested and cleared of contaminants and reassigned as bulk fill materials for future sites and projects within the local area.

This is a significant milestone in the project which is due for completion in 2023. The new development, with Auckland Council confirmed as the anchor tenant, is a campus style office building providing a total of 15,00sqm across six floor levels with excellent onsite amenities including a café and end of trip facilities. Upon completion, Munroe Lane will be Auckland Council’s most operationally energy efficient building.

Sustainability is a key delivery focus for Asset Plus and Centuria New Zealand to ensure any new building being constructed incorporates high quality design for future workplace efficiencies while minimising the carbon footprint of the development.

To reach the NZGBC 5 Green Star rating, points are awarded across various credits for different categories to rate a building’s performance and environmental impacts with a certain number of mandatory minimum requirements. We look forward to sharing more of the design targeted credits as we progress through the construction phase.